I’m Flying!

OMG we had SO much fun this weekend with our Jetson Hoverboard and Jetson JetKart!

The Jetson Z10 Hoverboard is around $220 and has fun rainbow lights, links to Bluetooth and can reach up to 10mph. It is self-balancing, but takes some skill to master! Well, at least for adults. The children had no problems learning this new toy!

The next Jetson Hooverboard up is the Jetson Z12, which has All-Terrain tires and some slightly upgraded features. If you have uneven curbs/roads, this would be a better fit because it offers more cushioning to help create a smoother ride and easier to transition from street to driveways, (there is often an uneven, jagged surface).

We also had a TON of fun on the Jetson JetKart Phantom, which is MUCH easier to use and reaches speeds of up to 9mph. For around $125, it seems like a deal. Ours has been open for a week and still works perfectly. Our 8-year old was unable to master this toy, we think he doesn’t weigh enough to trip the sensor.


Jetson also offers a conversion kit that transforms your overboard into a JetKart, called the JetCart 2.0.  We haven’t tried it, but I though the JetKart was SO fun and am unsure if I will ever master hovering, so perhaps this is a good compromise.



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