Christmas Gift – Perfect Pens.

Halloween has officially passed and the season of giving is upon us!

Gifts for EVERYONE on your List:

Paper-Mate Flair Felt-Tip Pens: these colorful writing utensils help brighten note-taking and enliven letters! Images below include mostly Medium Flow pens, but I added some Fine Flow pens at the end to expand the collection.

Gel Pens: another variety of bright ink to bring life to paper!

Novelty Gel Pens: glitter, neon, scented, paint, etc! The possibilities are endless.

Ballpoint Pens: I know it seems basic, but here are the BEST smooth-writing, properly flowing pens. Everyone needs better pens that aren’t from a posh hotel or bank.

Other Supplies for creating Beautiful Paper:

Home Things:

Closet Organization: sometimes the best way to ease an over-worked brain is to mega-organize a special area. My closet is my haven and I LOVE having everything neat & tidy with the huggable hangers with matching silver hooks. They are heavy, so make sure your closet shelf/rod/whatever is secured into the wall and enjoy!

Random Ideas:


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