Christmas Gifts – PS4.

My favorite gaming console is the PlayStation 4 because the technology and graphics rock. It is easy to figure out the Sony-based system and controllers, plenty of games are available and the accessories are easy to plug/play and they consistently work. Check the specials when you buy- I suggest the PS4Pro because is offers 4K gaming and HDR, plus more powerful processors. The PS4Slim is the older model and runs all of the same games, but is less advanced. There will be sales on both models, here are some options:


You’ll want at least 2 controllers, so make sure to grab an extra one, (or three because four is a great number to play together! Don’t get the black ones, go colorful and fun! Make sure you buy the controller directly through Playstation and check that the logo on the tiny button in the center is centered properly. you do NOT want a knock-off controller- you will waste so much time trying to fix it and listen to the player complain.

Thumb Gribs: These are like a sweater for the controller. They are an extra touch of fun and are a good accessory to customize the controllers.


PlayStation VR: this technology is awesome! The bundles are a good way to save money and make sure you have everything you’ll need, (the VR Headset, PS4 Camera, possibly the Move Motion Controllers, and compatible games). The Controller Charger station provides a location for the controllers to be stored and charged. 






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