Sweet & Sassy Meatballs.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed these popular party meatballs before! Super easy, always delicious. Grab your crock-pot, (medium size for small groups, double the recipe and use your large crock for a crowd), mix it up and let simmer!


  • One Bottle Chili Sauce
  • One Jar Grape Jelly
  • One Bag Frozen Meatballs (I use Costco Italian Meatballs)


  • Pour Meatballs into Medium Crock-Pot
  • Pour chili sauce and grape jelly on top, give a quick easy stir.
  • Let simmer on low while you enjoy your day, stir and check after three hours. Continue cooking if still frozen, turn down if cooked to completion.
  • Enjoy!

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